The 2nd Annual SPARK Mastermind


Calling all women who are ready to go from thinking about the woman that she wants to be. - to BEING the woman that she is born to be.

The SPARK Mastermind changed my life!  When I decided to join last year - I was very vulnerable and had very low self-esteem.  I was searching for purpose and most of all needed honest feedback and support.  I was challenged to speak my truth, visualize my goals, and take action towards what I really want in life.  The best thing that I could have done for myself was to join the SPARK mastermind group!  I now feel like I'm a part of an amazing movement.

Lisa Johnson

2018 Mastermind Participant

What exactly IS The SPARK Mastermind?

When I quit my corporate job, the FIRST thing I did was invest in a group program.  While others might have thought that spending thousands of dollars on coaching when I just lost my source of income was not the smartest of ideas - I knew that I needed to surround myself with women who had the same common goal as me - to make a big change and drastically up-level our lives.  


It was the best decision I ever made.


Not only did I learn A TON, but I met women that I would later go on to collaborate with on big projects....and I even made a few new best friends.  More than anything - together we collectively raised our vibration and created momentum in each of our lives. That same year I went on to launch the first ever SPARK conference, as well as my marketing business, O'Rourke Media. So now - I am creating that space for women who are going through through their own period of growth. 


You do not have to do this alone!  In fact, it could take you a lot longer if you try to go solo. 


You have found a guide.


You have found your tribe.


Now it's time to ask I ready to say YES to investing in" ME?" 


XO Rachel  

Get all of this and MORE

  • Accountability, A

    group of peers + leadership to hold you accountable to your path.

  • Feedback, Open and honest feedback from women who truly care.

  • Guidance, An experienced guide who will lead you through the process of uplevelling your life (that's Rachel!)

  • Actionable Advice, No-fluff and to-the-point advice that you can take action on..

  • Connection + Community, together, we will create a small community of women and deep sisterhood connections.

  • Support, You don't have to do this alone!  Get guidance and support on this leg of your journey.

  • Encouragement, A built-in group of new girlfriends who will be your biggest cheerleaders.

  • Inspiration, Get inspired and stay inspired - this is one high-vibe environment!

There is something truly extraordinary about women who come together in a mastermind setting. 


Businesses grow. 

Relationships get stronger. 

Directions change. 

Goals are reached (exponentially faster)

Friendships are formed

Collaborations are created



If you have been dreaming of what life would be like "if"._____ (fill in the blank), it's time to stop dreaming and time to start taking action in creating that life! 

I'm so grateful that I was able to be part of the SPARK Mastermind group this past year.  Collaborating with such dynamic women with similar visions, personal growth desires, and aspirations was truly enlightening, empowering, and truly fulfilling.  We supported each other, lovingly challenged each other to grow, shared our dreams, setbacks, and triumphs in a way that deeply uplifted me.  It gave me the courage and strength that I needed to face and overcome current life challenges.  I learned helpful skills to organize and prioritize my life, find clarity in my goals, develop and grow emotionally and spiritually, and take action towards creating my optimal life.  we cultivated a powerful energy that has carried me since then and I've created lasting friendships.  Joining this group was exactly what I needed and what I think every woman needs.  Thank You!

Jodi Pierce, SPARK 2018 Participant

About Your Guide:

Rachel O'Rourke

Hi, I'm Rachel!  I am the founder & CEO of SPARK Events for Women - which are most well known for "SPARK Live", two-day personal growth experiences that host hundreds of women. at the annual summit in Portland, Oregon each September (We'll be taking it on the road spring of 2020)!  In addition to SPARK, I own a highly-successful marketing agency, O'Rourke Media, co-run an event venue called "The Alberta Space", and I'm the co-host of The Flawed Females Podcast.. I'm also a mama to 4 kiddos ages 9-15. Why do I do what I do?  Because there are too many women who dream of an incredible life, but aren't living it.  I WAS that woman.  All it takes is a spark to start a fire - and I'm holding your match.

Connect through social media:

What you will get?

The Mastermind begins on August 22nd and concludes on November 21st. Here's what is included in this 90 Day SPARK Experience!

Group Video Calls

Thursdays 4pm-6pm PST



SPARK Week - September 19th will be in-person only for those local and travelling to Portland (no online call)


October 24th is moved to October 23rd

October 31st is moved to October 30th




Guest Teachers

I know some pretty phenomenal people and I will be bringing in guest guides for specific activities/exercises! 


More details to come.


Retreat Option

One of my most favorite ways to end a mastermind is by celebrating with a retreat!  I understand that this isn't always feasible with schedules, budgets, etc...  This is an optional upgrade and will be located in Oregon November 22nd-24th.  See ticket types for more info.

Includes a ticket to a SPARK Summit!

By participating in the mastermind, you automatically get a ticket to SPARK.  This can be used toward the September summit or any live event in 2020.  Already purchased your SPARK ticket?  We will refund you after you register for the mastermind.

More on SPARK here.

What women are saying

Hear it from the experienced.

I signed up for the SPARK mastermind to learn how to manage my business and next level my business.  I unexpectedly learned how to dig deeper into my purpose by focusing on my personal growth.  The support from my peers and my mentor's guidance allowed me the space to make this happen.  Through this experience I nest leveled my brand - which was so much more powerful for my business as a whole.


2018 Participant

Who knew when I joined the SPARK mastermind to grow my business, that I would have a deep and powerful personal breakthrough?  This mastermind is centered around intentional support and guidance for uplevelling our business, to grow our minds, and let go of our inner critics in ourder to fully walk through our truth and live in our purpose.  I am beyond grateful I invested in this....that I invested in MYSELF!


2018 Participant

This was the first time participating in a mastermind group - what a great experience!  It was an inspiring time of learning, supporting, and connecting with an amazing group of women.


2018 Participant

Being able to hear and share from empowered women gave us all inspiration that we can go after our dreams too!  Hearing the way they perceive challenges, their fears, how they conquered was a game changer.  They give you tools, mindsets, and affirmations to grow your vision so you can think outside of the box.  Loving your self and capitalizing on your strengths and gifts is the key to unlocking new possibilities.


2018 Participant

Choose what works for you

Join the mastermind now for as little as $249 or pay in full and receive a discount!

Mastermind Pay-In-Full 

Best Value


One Time Payment

Mastermind + Retreat

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One Time Payment

Mastermind Installment Plan



Four Payments of

Mastermind + Retreat Installment Plan



Four Payments of

Frequently asked question

If you don't see an A to your Q - email us at and we'll get right back to you!

  • Q: Is this just for entrepreneurs?

    A: While this most definitely can help you in your business - this is not a business specific mastermind.  We work on habits, mindsets, reprogramming the subconscious mind, and some "woo-woo" concepts in addition to any practical advice that you are needing from the group.

  • Q: What if I can't make all of the scheduled calls?

    A: It would be aaaamazing if each participant could make every single call.  Alas, that's not super realistic.  Each call is recorded and can be viewed if you are unable to make the call live.

  • Q: Is this for spiritual people only?

    A: Rachel is a spiritual woman, yet not religious.  She does respect all religions and welcomes all!  She will be using spiritual practices in her teachings.  This includes (but is not limited to):  Meditation, Affirmations, Visualization practices, Hypnosis (guest led).  She will also be using science based practices that support reprogramming the subconscious mind.

  • Q: What if I can't make it to SPARK this year?  Do I lose that ticket?

    A: Your ticket is valid for any SPARK event in 2019-2020.  In addition to the September Summit(s), we plan on doing an East Coast visit in the spring!

  • Q: What if I change my mind about going on the retreat?

    A: If you decided not to get the retreat option now, you can always add it down the road (prices subject to change however if not purchased prior to the mastermind starting).

  • Q: I've never been a part of a mastermind before....would this be a good fit for me?

    A: ABSOLUTELY!  This mastermind is designed for anyone who is wanting to grow in any area of their life A supportive group of women led by an experienced guide will do just that!

  • Q: Are there refunds?

    A: Refunds will only be given if there is a personal or family medical emergency that will not allow you to participate in the mastermind.  This is void if we are over 50% of the way through the session.

    Other than this, no refunds.  Sorry sister - no easy outs when it comes to serious personal growth.

  • Q: Is travel included with the retreat?

    A: Travel to the retreat location is NOT included.  We will cover lodging, food, and all activities.

One Scholarship Ticket Available!

If you are being called to this mastermind, but truly cannot afford it - we encourage you to apply for the scholarship ticket.  Email us at and tell us what this would mean for you and why NOW is the time.

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